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Robynne Friedman Attorneys is a leading Family Law Firm


Robynne Friedman Attorneys is dedicated to assisting individuals and couples in the areas of Surrogacy. 


We will assist couples in drafting their Rights and Responsibilities agreement where there may be a dispute with contact, care and maintenance of the children. 


Robynne Friedman Attorneys and support staff are focused on the timely and cost-effective resolution of serious family disputes

Inter Country Custody Disputes

The Hague Convention on International Family Law is an authoritative and dominant international treaty that will create beneficial results when it is implemented fittingly and aptly.



Robynne Friedman Attorneys is a leading Family Law Firm.  The firm is recognized as a specialist leader in each of its core practice areas – surrogacy, adoption, divorce, maintenance disputes, family counselling, custody disputes, and international family law regarding Hague matters along with inter-country disputes.

The Firm is a leader in their respective jurisdictions and has cross-border expertise. Our business practioners’ and leading litigators have a wealth of knowledge across practice areas which enable our clients to benefit from efficient, expert teams of lawyers and advocates at all levels.

With its embracement of diversity, Robynne Friedman Attorneys is increasingly expecting its partners to share similar values.  A diverse workforce made up of professionals at every stage of a client’s needs is what has made this Firm so unique.

Explore our website to learn more about how our distinctive background and know-how make us the ideal Firm to assist you.

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