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Robynne Friedman Attorneys is dedicated to assisting individuals and couples in the areas of Surrogacy. 


We will assist couples in drafting their Rights and Responsibilities agreement where there may be a dispute with contact, care and maintenance of the children. 


Robynne Friedman Attorneys and support staff are focused on the timely and cost-effective resolution of serious family disputes

Inter Country Custody Disputes

The Hague Convention on International Family Law is an authoritative and dominant international treaty that will create beneficial results when it is implemented fittingly and aptly.



Do I have to find my own surrogate?
No, either you can find your own surrogate or we will assist you.

Do I meet the surrogate?
Yes, it is very important to have a close relationship with your surrogate.

Do I get paid for being a surrogate?

A surrogate can be paid for loss of earnings.

Can we remain anonymous if we are adopting a child?

Can I meet the parents / parent that will adopt my child?

Can the new spouse of my ex adopt my child?
Not without the consent of the biological parent.

Can I move out of the country with my child?
Not without the permission of the biological parent.

Do grandparents have visitation rights?
Yes, within the framework of the new Children’s Act they do.

Are children’s wishes considered by the court in our custody battle?
In terms of the new Children’s Act, the best interest of the child is paramount.

How is custody of my children determined?
Firstly the best interest of the child is determined.Where there is no agreement between the parties, professional intervention will be needed, i.e. Social Workers and Psychologists will be brought in to determine the best interest of the child.
Should both parties be in agreement this is then endorsed by the Family Advocates Office.
This is a very basic outline, however each case is different and it is always best to contact our office and speak to a professional who will be able to guide you in the best possible way forward.

What is mediation?
It is the facilitation of a Divorce Settlement Agreement in terms of which the parties decide their own settlement. Together the parties will reach a mutually beneficial decision.  Both parties remain in control of the procedure the entire time.  A mediator is present as the facilitator.  This is a cost effective way to proceed with a divorce.

Do I need a lawyer during mediation?
Not necessarily. A mediator is a suitably trained professional e.g. a social worker, a psychologist or any suitably qualified person trained in mediation.

Does mediation work?
Yes, it is a cost efficient, speedy and effective process.

My ex-spouse won’t work or says he/she is not working, how do I get maintenance from him/her?
A full financial disclosure via the courts would need to be submitted in order to obtain proof of earnings

Can I increase the maintenance amount paid to me?
Yes, however the financial stability of your spouse would need to be determined first.